Grace Baptist Academy

Grace Baptist Academy is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church.  It exists to assist families by helping equip students to embrace Biblical truth, strive for academic excellence, and model Christ-like leadership to influence homes, churches, and the community for Christ. We assist families in providing a sound education for their children through the integration of faith and learning while being committed to teaching a Biblical worldview in the development of basic spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social skills.

Why Choose GBA ?

“In the year 1212, sincere Christian parents of the medieval church decided to send their children to conquer Jerusalem and drive out the Moors, This Children’s Crusade, as it was called, was a disaster. The children died in severe storm or were slaughtered by bandits and wild beasts. Those who survived were sold into slavery to the Moors and raised as Muslims. You cannot serve God by disobeying God. A similar slaughter is taking place today. Some Christian parents send their children to public schools to take them for Christ. Others are just sent to get an education. Some are sent just to get them out of the house. The result is the same. Casualties lie all around us. The few children who survive with their faith intact are more influenced than they are influential.”

Author: Gregg Harris