About Our Bus Ministry

~ Due to COVID-19 We Are Not Running the Buses ~
We love our community and those in our area, and we want to see every one have a chance to hear about what Christ has done for them and how He can give them a blessed life.
There are many people in our community for one reason or the other that cannot get to church unless someone picks them up. For this purpose, we started a Bus Ministry as one of our first outreach programs. Soon, Grace Baptist Church and its buses were reaching into several towns around us. Boys and girls, as well as moms and dads, began to come and hear the Gospel. Lives were changed and families renewed as a result of hearing the Gospel while riding one of those Church Buses to Sunday School at Grace Baptist Church.
Every Sunday morning, we pick people up at their homes for free and drive them to church where there are Sunday School classes for all ages. We have much fun on the bus on the way to church and on the way home.   Our bus worker volunteers are trained and qualified, and have passed background checks to ensure that bus riders are loved and well cared for.
Periodically, we have fun promotions like pizza parties, water balloon fights, and coloring contests.
If you or your children would like to ride one of our buses, just call the bus captain for your area.
Bus Route 1
Pittsfield, Griggsville
Bro. Jeff Fesler: 217-491-2137
Bus Route 2
Barry, Kinderhook, New Canton, Hull
Mrs. Anne Hopkins: 573-560-2147
Bus Route 3
Louisiana, MO,  Atlas, Summer Hill,  New Hartford
Grace Baptist Church is so thankful for every person that volunteers their time and talents to work in this ministry.
We are especially thankful for each and every Church Bus Driver!